About the Wildman

Keith “Wildman” Hanson is an ultramarathoner, biologist, adventurer, and conservationist who is dedicated to healthy living and protecting the environment (while enjoying it!). Keith grew up in Cleveland, Ohio (the City of Champions!) but has been living down in the southeast. He spends most of his free time hanging with his beautiful fiancée and their cats (Gene Parmesan and Oscar), while trying to stay fit. Keith believes it is super important to get outside and do something active everyday.

Keith came into running fairly recently. In fact, he used to detest running. When he played soccer as a kid, he would regularly skip conditioning workouts because of a keen hatred for running. All of that changed as he was finishing graduate school in the spring of 2012. One day while sitting on Folly Beach, S.C., he was reading a running book that his friend Paul recommended. The book was such a captivating blend of story telling, science, and art, that he stood up from his beach chair and start running in place. So, the next day, he decided to put the book down and run down the beach. The next day, a bit further down the beach. And a few days later, he ran to the end of the beach. The rest, as is cliche, is history…

In 2012, Keith ran his first running race: a hot and humid 5K in July in Charleston, S.C. It was miserable and he struggled pretty hard through the last 3.5K. A few months later, while working a short-term field job in Texas, Keith ran another 5K, which went a little bit better. Later that same year, in December, he ran his first marathon and something really clicked. It pretty much progressed from there: 2013 he ran his first 50Km trail race, 2014 was his first 50+ mile race and 100-mile race, and 2016 he ran his first timed race (12-hour race) and won his first race! Quite recently, in late summer of 2016, Keith completed one of his “Bucket List” races, the Leadville Trail 100 in Colorado. Taking place between 9,200 and 12,600 feet above sea level, Leadville is one of the oldest and most difficult races in the U.S. With the amazing support of his friends and family, he was able to go from sea level to North America’s highest incorporated city (Leadville) and finish with plenty of time to spare (46 minutes!)

Keith believes that running has the power to change people.